Meet the Pack
We are the nuts and bolts behind DogTorque.

After numerous discussions with people of various backgrounds and capabilities, we identified that we are at risk of loosing a lot of valuable knowledge and information, whether it be through other platforms when sites/groups were being shut down quite literally "at the click of a button", the passing of well respected stockwomen & stockmen, or even the evolution of new technology.

It's for these reasons we thought, what better way is there to contain all of this information in one place, and continuously add to it, than a website. So we put our heads together and bring to you - DogTorque.

Daniel Camilleri
Spending all holidays and most weekends on his grandparents cattle feedlot, where they also made a living from breeding dogs, Dan found himself "being the dog", and has vivid memories of running & kicking out around the dam to head cattle when they broke from the mob.
An auto electrician by trade, he has been involved in the earthmoving industry for nearly 20 years, visiting and spending time with different stockmen and stockwomen during his extensive travel throughout regional NSW.
Dan is the father of two energetic kids, living on acreage in the Hawkesbury NSW.
If he isn't yard, 3 sheep or utility trialing of a weekend, he can often be found travelling around NSW catching up with mates working & training dogs.


Laura McKillop
Growing up with horses her entire life in the Hawkesbury NSW, Laura's passion for animals is probably inherited throughout her family gene pool, where her late grandfather owned and operated a beef cattle farm.
At only 20 years old, she has successfully competed at State, National and Royal events, within the Australian Stock Horse Society, and alongside her sister Brydie, they also travel regional NSW judging events.
Laura's passion for working dogs developed after watching her mum train and compete in yard trialling, and after attending the 2019 Bathurst Royal Show in support, she walked away saying "I'm getting a dog"..
Laura now has 3 of her own dogs at various ages and abilities, and when she isn't spending time with her pack, she is working in the thoroughbred industry with a well renowned and respected auction house.
 If you think you may have seen her face before, you are probably right, as she is one of the faces of "Grovers Country Clothing" a family owned and operated Australian business, founded by her parents Maree & Scott McKillop, operating in the Hawkesbury or during her times working with the Nutrien Team at the Classic. 
How Did We Come To Work Together?
Dan and Laura first met in 2019 when Laura's mum Maree purchased E.K. Tommy. Since, the two have been training and trialling dogs together, travelling NSW, and have become like brother and sister. 
A lot of windscreen time made for many good conversations and one topic that we found ourselves coming back to was that sadly lots of information is being lost through the introduction of new technologies, unstable social media, and other factors.
Covid lockdowns and personal circumstances finally pushed them to stop talking and make it happen, so they bit the bullet and created DogTorque. 
Together they hope that DogTorque will contribute to bring the working dog and agricultural community to a place where knowledge, experience and different opinions can be shared amongst everybody and not lost for future generations that follow.
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